Redefining Sinhgad Road Opulence

If you are in Pune, you pretty well know the most exquisite and unapologetically elegant locale is Koregaon Park. The plush lifestyle, modern day luxury, and night life everything you demand and desire is present in Koregaon Park. However, the distant side of Koregaon Park as it may seem advantageous is also a mayhem for daily commute living. In solution to this, many realtors are planning to move their target to different neighborhoods. Similar to Koregaon Park, many realtors are now making Sinhgad Road as their lifestyle homeground. Adopting the essence of lavish, favoured living, BKP Group, the most trusted builders of Pune has spurted an entirely differential modern living amidst the hustle bustle of the city life. Their projects are mostly centered for the customers of every volume. From budget living to extravagant lifestyle BKP is well-known for their home options.

An impressive blend of lush green outdoors and innovative interiors, BKP brings to you Monte Rosa, Off Sinhagad Road. Adding to the elegant vibe to its surroundings, it offers the perfect work-life balance. Discovering a modern lifestyle community, the all-new project of BKP, Monte Rosa happens to re-imagine the standards of Sinhagad Road. The tall lifestyle, uber-exquisite amenities in-doors and outdoors give the luxury of highness to all the people planning to live here. Every flat has been specially constructed with in-built AC, marble flooring and capacious spaces. The 3-layered waterfall, plunge pool. 4.5 lac sq,ft of skywalk adds onto the extravagance of this project. Monte Rosa is specially orchestrated for tall lifestyle where your living starts from 9th floor as itself.

Here, you may find many builders bringing up different projects of ticket sizes like 1,2,3 BHK, Rowhouses, twin bungalow etc. However, the extravagance spread of BKP group competes to none. Monte Rosa is intended to revamp the locality in whole new light. With the existing condition of the neighborhood, Monte Rosa redefines the infrastructure as well as the architecture of Sinhagad Road. Street furniture, plushness, green living etc. all have been thoughtfully planned thus making Monte Rosa as the treasured landmark of Sinhagad Road. Paved Roads, Construction waste re-use, painted cycle tracks, systematic civil facilities all add to Monte Rosa as a well-planned, well-structured and thoughtful living effect.

In respect to the changing picture, many top level corporates and Tier-1 businessmen are readily investing in Sinhagad Road as their living destination. While the social infrastructure is still under progress, the changing scenario has put this neighborhood in the maps of many uber-luxurious realty projects. When such projects are developed, the planning and infrastructure ignores the importance of open spaces. However, research shows that Sinhagad Road pays special attention to this detail. There are many townships and societies that keep this measure significantly. The urban street design and tall lifestyle of Sinhagad Road makes this neighborhood as the upcoming exquisite and extravagant lifestyle.

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